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Updated: Monday, August 03rd 2015, 12:34:22:AM MDT

Definition: A rap battle is when 2 rappers go head to head and use intricate, and creative punchlines. They may use metaphors, name or word play, or personals. Battle Rap Artists spit without a beat. There are several acapella rap battle leagues in the U.S.A. and elsewhere. UrbanRapBattles.Com provides a unified discussion forum for the most discussed and most viewed Rap Battle Leagues.

Mission of Rap Battles: Our Mission is to provide a public forum to discuss rap battle news, rap battle leagues, and act as a gatekeeper for keeping the rap battle industry clean.

Central Cause: To support all Rap Battle leagues, the art of rap battles, the original intent of rap battles, and to help rap battle leagues expand their commercial reach. To accomplish our rap battle mission, we have the largest collection of rap battle news feeds than any other website.

Donations:In its pure form, we respect all rap battle artists. We encourage rap battle leagues to submit their news feeds to this channel. If you like our work, feel free to make a donation. Funds will be used to write articles, and the maintenance and up-keep of this website.

History: In the 1970's, Rap Battles started out as a pure art-form of creative lyrics, rhymes, and inspiring metaphors. The major rap battle leagues of today all started with humble beginnings, and have bloomed into acceptance by millions.

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This Rap Battle website is a cooperative effort of those who respect rap battles. We report upon rap battle news, events, and happenings of all rap battle leagues. African-Americans that support rap battles. We have a rap battles news blog that details the latest news, events, and twitter feeds of all the major rap battle channels.

We support free-speech, but we do not support the commercialization of “Niggah” Rap Battle Entrepreneurs. Their sponsors encourage black-on-black crime, as well as crimes against whites. Their sponsors also encourage acts like that committed against Trayvonn Martin.

We welcome donations from all persons. We encourage rap battle leagues and rappers to submit their channel to us for inclusion in our directory of rap battle leagues.